These Solar Panel Flowers Heat Up Your Pool By Absorbing Sunlight So Your Pool Is Always Warm

Solar Panel Flowers

Hanging out in the pool is one of the most satisfying feelings on a hot summer day. But the initial jump into chilly water is just cringe-worthy. There haven’t been many attractive solutions available until now. If you’re fortunate enough to have your own pool, solar panel flowers might be just what you need. (1)

In the past, people have relied on solar pool covers to keep the water warm before they dive in. These seem to work well, but they’re not very eye-pleasing, and they can be hard to manage. Pool owners with pets or small children also have to worry about them falling in and getting caught in the pool cover. (1, 2)

But these solar panel flowers fix many of those issues. They begin to generate heat when the sun hits them, warming up your pool water to a more comfortable temperature. They fill up with water so they stay in the pool, even when it is windy. Their product description on Amazon says that the flowers are “lightweight, impact-resistant, and made from recyclable plastic.” (1)

The solar panel flowers float on the surface of the pool so that they almost look like lily pads. This is so much more attractive than a cover, and you don’t have to remove them from the water in order to use your pool! They come in blue, black, and rainbow. You can buy all one color or mix and match sets depending on your outdoor aesthetic. The flowers, which come in packs of 12, are 22 inches in diameter. You can purchase a set for about $150 on Amazon. (1)

Get Enough to Heat Your Pool

While the solar panel flowers do make a difference in pool temperature, don’t expect them to have the same effect as a heated pool. One customer wrote, “There is a noticeable difference where these have been floating. The big thing to keep in mind is their dimensions; my 9×18 ft pool will likely need 3 sets for full surface coverage.” (1)

Since the flowers are definitely an investment, make sure you know how many sets you’ll need to heat your pool before you purchase them. From customer reviews, it sounds like if you buy enough of them based on your pool’s size, you’ll be satisfied with the solar panel flowers. But if you have too few, it can be disappointing. (1)

One customer had nothing but good things to say about the solar panel flowers. Trina S. wrote, “I absolutely love this product! Such a more eye-pleasing way of warming up my pool. I love how easy it is to move them around to where the sun is on the water. I also love how I don’t have to worry about a dog or child falling into a solar blanket and getting trapped. Can definitely tell a difference with the water temperature under the flowers. Will be getting more for sure!!!” (1)

I can definitely see why people would be excited to have these solar panel flowers as an alternative way to heat up their pools. Their resemblance to lily pads is delightful, and products that are both beautiful and functional are always welcome! (1)

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